Yi Jin Jing Workshop – Nov. 2019

Date: Sunday, November 17, 2019
Time: 9 am – 12 pm
Location: Nine Star University for Health Sciences, 441 DeGuigne Dr, Sunnyvale, CA

Some call Yi Jin Jing “the secret of youth”. Translated roughly as “Tendon-Muscle Strengthening Qigong”, or literally as “The Tendon-Transformation Canon”, Yi Jin Jing is an ancient qigong exercise most often associated with the Shaolin monks, who practice it as part of their martial art training and a way to prepare the body for long periods of sitting meditation. In fact, over its 1500 to 2000 years of history, Yi Jin Jing has been practiced by Buddhist monks, Daoist adepts, martial artists, as well as laypersons interested in qigong for health and/or spiritual purposes. Its focus on turning and flexing the spine and extending the limbs helps improve flexibility, balance and muscular strength, and invigorate internal organs by engaging the 12 principal meridians.

This workshop will teach a twelve-section contemporary compilation of Yi Jin Jing routine which features soft, even and extended movements. This routine combines Buddhist, Daoist, and Chinese Medicinal traditions and emphasizes health benefits. All movements are adaptable to learners of all levels and abilities. At the end of the 3-hour session, participants will be able to perform the routine from memory, and acquire a minimum set of qigong practice guidelines so that they can incorporate this exercise in their own daily routine confidently.

Here’s a preview of the beginning sections of Yi Jin Jing. Done properly, these simple arm stretches calm the heart and mind and energize the lungs and kidneys.

Register by Nov. 14: https://tinyurl.com/yjj2019
Fee: $50 if paid by Nov. 14; $60 at door. PayPal/cash/check

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