Tai chi after stroke aids balance, study finds

In a research study conducted at University of Arizona, 89 participants of age 50 or above, all of whom had exprienced a stroke 3 months or more prior to participation, were randomly assigned to three groups: 1) taiji three times a week; 2) Silver Sneakers (a popular fitness program for seniors); 3) post-stroke education class.

“After 12 weeks of therapy, researchers say, participants in the tai chi program reported only one-third the falls as participants in the Silver Sneakers and usual-care groups.

Participants reported a total of 34 falls. Those in the Silver Sneakers group had 14, while people in the usual-care group reported 15, the study says. The tai chi group had five falls.”

The researcher also found additional benefits of taiji such as “less anxiety and depression, more social support, more confidence to exercise and better moods.”

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