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Chen Taiji Performances at the 2013 Sing Tao Expo

Sifu Tony Wong’s group performed 6 demos at the Sing Tao Expo on August 31, including hand forms and training tools. Click below to view a playlist of all demos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHpded9jOhJdPvHQGYZdjn7nCmCf1tcBV Clip 1: Laojia Yilu group routine; Laojia Erlu (Pao Chui) Clip 2. Hunyuan Taiji group routine Clip 3. Taiji Sphere Clip 4. Taiji Bang …

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TCKFM Championships Push-hand Videos

This year’s TCKFM (2nd annual) added Taiji moving-step push-hands. Here are some video clips of my classmates at the push-hand competition at the recent Tiger Claw & KungFuMagazine.com Chinese Martial Arts Championships. Both won 1st place in their respective weight class. Marlon in moving-step push hands: Marlon pushhand, round 1 Marlon pushhand, round 2

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