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GM Chen Xiaowang’s Xinjia Erlu workshop, Sept 10-11, SF Bay Area

Sifu Tony is hosting a Xinjia Erlu (New Frame Cannon Fist) workshop with Master Chen Xiaowang on September 10-11, in the San Francisco Bay Area. For detailed information on registration, please visit http://chenfamilytaiji.com/special_events.html. For GM Chen Xiaowang’s workshops in other U.S. locations, visit http://chenxiaowang.com/workshops2011.html.

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Yiquan workshop with Master Chen Zhengzhong, May 15, San Francisco Bay Area

My Sifu, Tony Wong, is hosting  a Yiquan workshop with Master Chen Zhengzhong on May 15, in Palo Alto, CA. Details are available on http://www.chenfamilytaiji.com/special_events.html.

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