Online Courses Have Begun!

After a year of hiatus and recalibration, I am back to teaching! April is the beginning of my online school, Moving Stillness, and what better way to start than with a course on stillness, the Wuji Qigong

The inaugural cohort, composed of both beginners and students with years of meditation and/or taijiquan practices, have been learning and practicing for two weeks. At the end of the first week, 6 out of 10 who answered a short reflection questionnaire felt they were “definitely more confident than before the course” about setting up the Wuji posture and adjusting the alignment themselves. A number of people found the weekly practice planner helpful, and some said establishing a new daily routine was “easier” or “more manageable” than they had thought. 

Enrollment for the Wuji course is closed until May 1, but you can get on the waitlist by signing up for email notification on the course website.  

New courses that I plan to release in the coming months include: 

  • Taijiquan Introduction / Foundations Series:
    • Cloud Hands (Taijiquan Chan Si Gong / Silk Reeling Exercises)
    • Chen Family Taijiquan Laojia Yilu for Beginners
    • The Five Steps and Eight Energies in Taijiquan (Wu Bu Ba Fa)
  • Classic Qigong Series
    • Liu Zi Jue (Six Healing Sounds)
    • Yi Jin Jing (The Tendon Transformation Canon)

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