ACTS workshop with Master Zhu Tiancai, July 13-14, 2013: 42 Fajin Techniques

American Chen Taiji Society (ACTS) / Sifu Tony Wong is hosting a 2-day workshop with Master Zhu Tiancai on July 13-14, in the SF Bay Area:

Time: 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. & 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. each day.

Location: In the mid peninsula area. RSVP to Sifu Tony at and he will send you the detail information.

Cost: Pre-registration by June 29: $220 for both days or $120 for one day. After June 29: additional $20 per person; bring CASH to workshop if check not received in mail by July 6.

Registration: Limited to 30 participants: RSVP to Sifu Tony and registration is required. Make check payable to: Anthony Wong & send check to American Chen Taiji Society, P.O. Box 156, Moffett Field, CA 94035.

Master Zhu Tiancai: a 19th Generation of Chen Family Taijiquan; one of the ?Four Warriors from the Chen Village. He started learning from Grandmaster Chen Zhaopi and Grandmaster Chen Zhaokui from a very young age. His performance of Chen Taijiquan forms is described as “smooth flowing” and “soft,” reaching his audience with beauty and relaxation. With over fifty years of teaching experience, Grandmaster Zhu has compiled a set of teaching methodologies useful for both beginners and professionals. Click here for a Kung Fu Magazine article on Master Zhu Tiancai.

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